Monday, 30 April 2012

Wonderwool Wales Wet Weekend !!

To be fair, it  was raining in Wiltshire - giving our £6 to the man on the Severn Bridge seemed to buy us a day of dryness in Wales (if bitterly cold, windy and dark!)

What stunning scenery we drove through, no wonder the Welsh are so proud of their country -  (blurry hedge pic through car window)

I will just carry on the pic spam I think for today ...

 knitted knicker bunting !

 Stunning teeny tiny crochet, must be like a 2mm hook ?

 needle felting

 Tiny pic on purpose from the stall that had gorgeous items but the snooty lady said 'I hope you wont be copying my designs' when I politely asked to take a picture! ( I SO will be now, bitch)

 Scrummy colours as ever from The Natural Dye Studio

Lantern Moon delicious needles from Purlescence Mr. and Mrs. P were really lovely to chat to

Mile after mile of scrummy BFL roving

Dodgy knitted number of the day... (aplogies if you know this lady who had a very nice crochet stall)

 The lady seemed shocked at my suggestion these looked like felted body parts ? 

 om nom nom

I wasn't going to post this crowd shot but the meercat lady bottom right amused me 

 Alpaca so soft I wanted to just dive in
 Just because..

 Drum carders R us... *swoon*

Fab knitted blankets..

Tomorrow I will show you what I bought and the plans I have for it ..

bye for today Imaginary Readers x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero 3KCBWDAY3

Well, I have so many.
I'm a member/reader/moderator and advertising bod for Natural Mamas, what started as a place to buy slings is now actually my favourite crafty zone too! I've met so many wonderful people online and slowly totting up those I get to meet in real life too.
The amazing mamas on there are ultra talented - we are just coming to the final days of our Craft Fairy Gift Swap which has been amazing, literally stunning work from everyone involved.
(This week my crafting hero is the Fairy that sent gifts to me but that's sewn not knitted or crochet so I'll post more about that next week)

I won't name names and haven't asked permission (oops) for using the following pictures but I don't think they will mind as they are there on Ravelry for all to see. These things were not part of the Craft Fairy as that would give things away but examples of the work my friends are capable of !! I think you will agree they are super talented.

They inspire me <3

and there are SO many more I could have chosen !!

ta ra for now Imaginary Readers x

p.s. what do you think of my new layout/look ? Please leave a comment! I am a comment starved blog whore.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography Challenge Day! 3KCBWDAY2

Challenge? you want a challenge?
Try taking a cute picture of your house-rabbit Freddy and a ball of wool with the aid of a toddler and a very slow/rubbish phone camera.


you thought they were going to get better as they progressed didn't you ? Yup, so did I.  


Oh and just for the record this is also what happens if you give up on rabbit idea and think 'arty shot of needle roll will be a good Plan B'
 ~ toddler assisted arty arrangement

Photography Challenge 0 - Pets and child 1 

until tomorrow Imaginary Readers x 

Monday, 23 April 2012

3KCBWDAY1 - Colour Lovers

Odd choice of title I know - all is explained at Eskimimi Makes Knitting and Crochet Blog Week !

So my post about colour goes like this..
1. Show a few pics of the dullish stuff I make including a link to a recent blog post about gloomy colours right here.
2. show pics of things I give away
3. Steal some pics from friends 
4. Talk about skein vs. finished object issues.

The things I tend to choose are muted tones, plain designs and yup, gloomy colours !

(must just stick a nice pic in here first though as that will be the Facebook thumbnail )

My dreary things .. 


(possibly helped by gloomy pictures taken on rubbish phone I admit)

And then there's the stuff I give away - I get the funky colour thing, I really do,  I love a rainbow for other people.

they just aren't 'me'

Skein/Ball vs. Finished Objects 

I often see a beautiful skein of yarn that just begs to be squished or even bought at great expense. 
Then it hits the hook or needles and woah, what the heck?! 
a jumble of colours, a tangled web of mess that screams 
'throw me back in the bag!' 
Crochet is worse of course 'cos of that knotty tangle each stitch is in itself. I've vowed never to crochet in variegated yarn ever again unless the colour runs at at least 26 miles per change.. 
Knitted things are a little better but mostly awful to my clearly slightly Amish outlook on colour.
This lovely Stitch Sampler Shawl from my friend Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch
is an example of how it SHOULD work.

and then there's the yarn I chose to try to make socks with ..

two words 


farewell Imaginary Readers ! x